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Adjustable Car Cell Phone Holder


  • Shock dampening design The contact surface of the mobile phone and the bracket adopts a special shock absorption design, which can automatically adjust the pop-up height according to the thickness of the mobile phone, keeping the bracket always close to the back of the mobile phone to avoid shaking and abnormal noise. And it can firmly clamp the phone when the vehicle is over the speed bump and shaking.
  • Friendly Design‘ Soft silicone pads in the holder arms and silicone clip protect your phone and vent from scratch primely, reserved charging port enables to plug the charging cable to the phone even when attached to this phone holder, never worry about power off on your trip when this car mount installed.
  • 360 Degree Rotation‘The fully 360-degree rotation provide you with the best viewing angle.The car vent mount ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music, or charging.
  • The six arms will clamp your phone tightly and would not make any noise when sudden braking or driving on a rough road. The car phone holder anti-slip clip with rubber pad lock the air vent firmly.
  • Universal car phone holder: suitable for 67mm-86mm mobile phones, suitable for 4.7-6.5inch mobile phones.Any Android/IOS Smartphone.

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  • Installing Release the nut first, insert clip ball, then tighten the nut.
  • The tighter, the more stable (No need for an iron plate, no need adhesive, not affect the beauty of your loved phone or wireless charge).
  • Please make sure the car vent louvers are strong enough to brace the weight of a phone (most of the cars have no problem). convenient to use Simply pop your phone in and out of the car phone mount by one hand, auto-clamping through gravity

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