Axor XBHP Speed Of Thought Helmet


Rules of the road are the foundation of the design of this second xBhp helmet.

  • The 299 shows the ‘magic number’ or the ‘hand of God’ which had been decided by the manufacturers to be the limiting speed of modern superbikes.
  • And below that, it reminds you, that nothing is faster than your imagination. So why put your brain and body at risk by overspeeding on roads?
  • The top of the helmet has a biker wearing the first edition of the xBhp helmet.
  • The back retains xBhp’s iconic philosophy of I, the Biker.
  • The rest of the elements show the most important part of the motorcycle, the heart, its engine, and exhaust pipes blurting out flames, which are the equivalent of the incredible creativity the human mind is capable of outputting.
  • The better part of the helmet shell is covered with the human brain which it protects and the lightning bolts behind accentuate the neurons inside our brain.

Size Guide

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