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ProSpecs Easy Brake


For comfort braking during city commute and easy modulation during off-road and trail riding on adventure bikes.

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Easy Brake

For comfort braking during city commute and easy modulation during off-road and trail riding on an Adventure bike.


What is ProSpec Easy Brake?

The ProSpec Easy Brake accessory allows comfortable braking & easy modulation when riding on off-road terrain, trail-riding on adventure bikes or even while commuting on highways & in city traffic.

Benefits of ProSpec Brake Easy


ProSpec Easy Brake comes in handy when you are trail-riding in off-road terrains. The Trail-braking technique is very important when negotiating hairpin turns & corners. Also, off-road terrain often has hurdles like ruts, streams, mud, snow, rocks, gravel etc. While riding off-terrain, you often need to stand on the footrest and look ahead to anticipate the obstacles ahead, here is where the ProSpec Easy Brake proves advantageous. The Comfort Base of the ProSpec Easy Brake is made from Glass Filled Nylon, which is known to possess a high degree of strength and rigidity. The ProSpec Comfort base can take high abrasion and can withstand brutal riding boot usage.

Precise Brake Modulation

Brake modulation is the cornerstone of safe adventure riding. You have to apply the precise braking force on different terrain types, surface of the road and gradients. ProSpec Easy Brake facilitates Precise Brake Modulation. That is, you have better control on the amount of braking force applied. Brake Modulation is particularly important in off-terrain riding since the rear brake plays a major role in maintaining stability. The ProSpec Brake Easy makes braking easy during standing ride conditions.

Manufacturer & Model

  • Triumph Tiger 800
  • Triumph Tiger 1200
  • Enfield Himalayan
  • Bajaj Dominar
  • Bajaj NS 200
  • KTM390 ADV
  • RE 650 Twin
Bike Model

Triumph Tiger 800, Triumph Tiger 1200, Enfield Himalayan, Bajaj Dominar, Bajaj NS 200, KTM390 ADV, RE 650 Twin

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