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ProSpecs Easy Park


Suitable upto 300 Kgs available in Medium and Heavy duty options for any center stand bikes.

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What is ProSpec Easy Park?

Move your parked adventure bike smoothly like a toy. Adventure bikes are heavy and moving them around can be quite a hassle and a back-breaking task. But not anymore, thanks to the “ProSpec Easy Park”. “Easy Park” by ProSpec is a wheeled stand/platform on which you can park your bike.



Stable Parking Platform

The ProSpec Easy Park’s strong surface provides firm & stable support for your adventure bike. And can accommodate all types of adventure bikes. A great tool to save garage space.



Built to Last

The ProSpec Easy Park is made from high strength Stainless Steel that can support any bike that weighs up to 300 kg. The ProSpec Easy Park manufacturing incorporates FEA analysis and is cut using lasers. All the fasteners used in the “Easy Park” are made from 304-grade stainless steel too. The ProSpec Easy Park is anti-rust, corrosion-resistant & requires little maintenance.



Wheeled Parking Stand

The ProSpec Easy Park features high strength caster wheels which make it easy to move the parked bike around. This wheeled parking stand [ProSpec Easy Park] makes moving parked bikes a single person job.



ProSpec Easy Park Uses

Unlike other bulky parking stands available in the market, ProSpec Easy Park is compact & easy to carry & store. Just park your bike on the main stand with the ProSpec Easy Park beneath the stand. The ProSpec Easy Park comes in handy when you have to do minor maintenance work like lubricating the chain, inspecting tyres for possible punctures etc. A great must-have tool for an avid biker.

Material of construction

Steel, Aluminium

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