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Pro Spec Easy Ride- C01 Permanent


Easy Ride Permanent extender is suitable for all adventure bikes.

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Easy Ride- C01 Permanent Permanent

Suitable for Triumph -Tiger 800,

Kawasaki – Versys 300, 650 & 1000, Benelli TNT 650, Suzuki V Storm, BMW GS 1200 and Enfield Himalayan.


Profile A

 Suitable for Triumph Tiger 800 short screen (2015-2019), BMW GS 310/1200

Profile B

Suitable for Triumph Tiger 800 touring screen (2015 -2019)

Profile C

 Suitable for Triumph Tiger 800 (2020), Kawasaki Versys 650/1000, Suzuki V Storm 650, Honda AT .

Profile D

Suitable for Enfield Himalayan, Hero Impulse

Profile E

 Suitable for E KTM 390 Adv

Bike Model

A- Triumph Tiger 800 short screen(2015-2019) BMW GS(310-1200), B- Triumph Tiger 800 touring screen (2015-2019), C-Triumph Tiger 800 (2020), Kawasaki Versys 650/1000,Suzuki V Storm 650,Honda AT, D- Enfield Himalayan, Hero Impulse (Backorderd), E- KTM 390 Adventure

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