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Invictus Ride Marshall Series Tactical Modular High Visibility Vest


Tactical Modular High Visibility Safety Vest

The tactical modular high visibility safety vest is a combination of our work with the army products and motorcycle gears. Just like every operator has a different combat style every rider has his/ her own requirement and own riding style, we have combined the tactical molle loop systems used in armed forces for decades with the high visibility vests used in road safety uses by riders everywhere.

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Specifications :-

  1. Backside- 23” Height x 13.5” Width
  2. Front Side – Height 23’’ x Width 13.5’’
  3. Pockets included – 1 Gopro compartment

1 100% Waterproof Cell phone pocket

4 generic use detachable pockets

1 safety whistle with elastic


1 plain name tag ( front) for

Embroidery 1’’ x 7’’

1 velcro patch for reflective heat

transfer 13’’ x 2’’ ( print size 12.5’’x 1.5’’ )

Maximum height – 25’’/ minimum height 20.5’’

Maximum width – 7’’ /  minimum width 3’’

  1. Safety Handle to pull rider out safely in case of an accident.


For reflective heat transfer ( iron-on do it yourself )

Contact Kroozer Sheild  =91 7627037364

For embroidery patches ( Pune only ) Contact

Makati Army Depo Kolsa gulley Camp 8600063176

Any service provider providing these services may contact us for adding their names in this section


Fabric – 1000D nylon

Inner Fabric –  Nylon Taffetta

Inner mesh –  Nylon Foam mesh

Reflections – 3M

Chain –  YKK

Runners –  Sun

Jacket Zipper – YKK / Heavy-duty Indian make zips

Fittings  –  All our fittings are Indian make ISI-ISO standard fittings

Warranty – 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects and lifetime post-sale service.

Fit Sizes – Universal

Molle Loop Size –  1’’ x 2’’ ( may vary a bit where the end of the belt)

Thread – ( black and green ) nylon 3ply

Stitch count – 15 stitches per inch

Bartack thread –  3ply

Bartack count – stitch no 1 size no 4


Please note that – First aid kit and Hydra pouch are not included in this product due to their price-sensitive nature.


Thinking behind the product:-

Our recent foray into custom-made tactical combat-related products got us thinking… There are a lot similar in these fields. Both require split-second decisions, both can involve life and death situations and both to a certain extent depends on the skill of the users. As all fighters have different preferences so do riders, so we combined the comfort of a classic and basic bulletproof vest with the visual safety of a high visibility vest and included the tactical molle loop system of military gears into riding gears presenting the best of both fields in one product!

Due to its very near resemblance to the vest used by security forces, we will not be making it in ANY OTHER COLOUR other than florescent green due to high chances of mistaken identity in high-risk areas and near border areas. ( especially black and green as these colors are most commonly used )

The pockets provided are the most commonly used and additions can be made as per customer feedback.

However, at this time we will be unable to provide any customizations. Custom-made pockets fitted by customers will not void the warranty. The sheer versatility of the product is amazingly utility-driven which lets the user use it as per need and modify it at moment’s notice with so many upgradable options features and customizations.