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Putoline Bike Care Combo


  • Putoline Brake Cleaner 500ml
  • Putoline Chain & Engine Degreaser 500ml
  • Putoline Tech Chain Lube 500ml

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Putoline Brake Cleaner

Brake Cleaner is a high-grade brake cleaner. This fast-acting product cleans and degreases all brake components such as the brake master cylinder, brake calliper and brake disk. Brake Cleaner is clean drying and does not leave a residue.

Putoline Chain & Engine Degreaser

Chain & Engine Degreaser has been specially developed for motorcycle use. The unique, fast-acting formula removes oil and grease from all dirty parts, including the chain, gears, engine, frame and all other parts of the motorcycle.
Quick and easy to use, suitable for chrome, paint, rubber and plastic parts. Is water-soluble and leaves no residue.

Putoline Tech Chain Lube

Tech Chain (Ceramic Wax) is a modern, high-grade chain lubricant. The product consists of a unique wax formula combined with sophisticated additives, including PTFE. Tech Chain provides optimal protection to the chain under all operating conditions.
Suitable for sporting and professional use on both O-ring and MX chains.

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