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Studds Open Face Helmet CUB D4 DECOR


Cub D4 Decor is a higher impact open face helmet with UV resistant paint and other product features like regulated density EPS, hypoallergenic liner, replaceable liner and quick release chin strap. Cub D4 Decor is available in various colours and sizes.

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Studds Open Face Helmet CUB D4 DECOR


  • HYPOALLERGENIC LINER-Protects rider from allergies or infections arising from continuous contact with damp helmet liners due to extended riding or on hot/rainy days
  • REPLACEABLE LINER- Ability to remove and clean the liners for maintaining freshness over time
  • REGULATED DENSITY EPS- Provides maximum all-round head protection during any unfortunate impact
  • UV RESISTANT PAINT- Protects helmet colour from fading with a Long-lasting and rich finish
  • QUICK RELEASE CHIN STRAP- Ease of operation for the rider or during any unfortunate impact
  • HIGHER IMPACT OUTER SHELL- The outer shell is injected with a special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic for extra protection.

D4 Pink N6, D4 Red N9, D4 Matt Blue N6, D4 Matt Read N9, D4 Matt Gun Grey, D4 Matt Neon Yellow N9


S, M, L, XL

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