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We love long rides, we adore bikes and we love life
on two wheels. Isn’t it? Well most of us do.

Bikers across the globe are very possessive about their bikes and choose one that accompanies them on their memorable voyages. Serious bikers are also concerned about safety on roads as they ride. Good quality biking gear and accessories add style and protection as you’re on the move. High-quality biking gear gives you a better chance of survival in case of fall or crash.

Indian Moto Rush is a one-stop solution for all your biking needs. This is an extensive online platform created for motorcycling enthusiasts to build their lifestyle around their passion for biking and travel. The store sources quality biking products and accessories from highly recommended brands and bring them to the community. Indian Moto Rush is an online setup operating from Pune for the riders by the riders.

If you’re a traveler you already know extensive research and planning is involved in choosing the best brands and products to match your travel needs. Riding in our country does give us the edge in knowing what a biker wants on his/her expedition. Safety, comfort, and style is what you seek, and practically at an affordable price. Voila! Here is your one-stop online store to find quality biking gears and accessories from various brands.

Along with this, we have interesting blogs and vlogs on our website and social media accounts which will benefit motorcyclists to build their lifestyle. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us now and in the future.


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About Shweta Chithrode

Shweta Chitrode is a Content marketer and creative writer with 9 years’ experience in creating some amazing content for the various brands for print and digital media.

She presents a perfect confluence of technical and creative aspect where brands are promoted in the most effective way. She works with various start-ups, MNCs, to support communications across all media. She believes in positive and ‘never give up’ attitude and supports women who wish to re-start their career or who look for work from home options.

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