Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

Getting your first motorcycle? There is so much to learn. If riding is your passion, explore the adventure, and feel a sense of freedom on the road. Even if you’re learning to ride having appropriate riding gear is a must. Good motorcycle gear keeps you safe and comfortable while riding. It’s time to build up an arsenal of motorcycle gear options for your adventure.

If the riding gear you choose is ill-fitting or doesn’t serve its intended purpose the ride can be a distraction, and that’s the last thing a rider wants. From beginner motorcycle gears to high-end options, you will find a myriad of products in the market. However, your focus should be on those gears that will last you multiple rides, offer great protection, are packed with functionality, and are available at a cubicle farm price tag.

Let us help you break down the possibilities and give you general information about must-have biking gear before you set on different thrilling terrains.

Why Bother?

Remember those bloody elbows, knees, and palms, and the ripped jeans after a fall from a running speed as a kid? Think about your speed then, even short trips on your bike can multiply the effect by several orders of magnitude.

Ponder upon!

Staying on the big sander belt is not always possible, so protection is the right way to go. Right biking gear protects you when you come in contact with the pavement. Good gear is designed with abrasion-resistant materials and armored to protect your joints. It also protects you from the rain, sun, wind, debris, and noise – more than just crash protection.

The Selection Process

As you flung your legs across your speed machine, you have to cover the basics: helmets, jeans, jacket, shoes, and gloves. We have covered what an average rider needs. What works and what doesn’t is a thing to consider before you set out. We have brought it all together for you.

Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

1. Helmet

The most important piece of riding gear is the motorcycle helmet. Always opt for a full-face helmet for ultimate protection. Open-face or three-quarter-type helmets should never be your choice. Never buy a used helmet too. Wearing a full-face helmet means that your face and chin have a defense against impacts, weather, sunburns, debris, and bugs. Try going for modular helmets alternatively.

Check for helmets that meet safety standards. A street helmet should have the ISI mark in India. Snell Foundation tests the helmets in the US while the “ECE 22.05” is the European Union’s legal standard. Choose a high-quality helmet that fits you perfectly. Other considerations to be kept in mind are weight, noise, and aerodynamics.

2. Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is designed with armor and abrasion-resistant materials to protect you from impact and abrasion. Riding a motorcycle in a leather jacket with protection, style, and affordable price point is a must. High-quality jackets are available in leather and textile materials. Leather is more durable, it is not suitable for all weather. Textile fabrics are breathable and lined with waterproof membranes for bad weather.

Motorcycle-specific jackets come with features you won’t find in regular ones: doubled-up seams for added protection; fits snugly to prevent flapping against the wind; have body armor; and also adjustable vents. Also, consider the size and cut of the jacket when you buy one.

3. Jeans

If you’re a beginner you probably are unaware of motorcycle-specific jeans. The stretchy pairs are packed with high-quality fabrics, armor, and abrasion resistance. Since regular denim jeans won’t protect you from a motorcycle accident you must have a pair of motorcycle jeans in your closet.

Like jackets, moto-jeans are also available in leather and textile fabrics. Look for jeans equipped with armor in the hips and knees. Pants should fit you snugly, but be comfortable. Moto-jeans are available for both men and women.

4. Gloves

Gloves are critical on a sportbike because the rider’s hands come in contact with the ground in the event of a crash. Good motorcycle gloves should protect your hands entirely. They are made of strong, abrasion-resistant materials with strong stitching. Look for armor at the base of the palm to protect it from impact. Make sure that the glove you buy allows you to operate all controls on your bike.

5. Shoes

Just like the other motorcycle gear, the shoes you wear while riding also play an important role in your protection. They combine the style and protection you need once you hit the roads. You’ll need to support the weight of your bike on your legs, ankles, and feet as you ride on slippery, uneven terrains. For this reason, you need a pair of sturdy shoes, with anti-grip soles and good ankle support.

The best riding shoes will prevent the twisting of your feet in case of a crash. Any shoes you consider for riding should at least cover your ankles securely. Modular shoes look classy, casual, and offer full protection. These shoes are available in waterproof and air-ventilated options; your riding weather should make the choice pretty easy.

Riding a motorcycle exposes you to high risk, bad weather, and sunburns. Thus going for good motorcycle gear is the right way to go. It keeps you safe in the event of a crash, is comfortable as you ride, and reduces fatigue.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge number of gear choices. Screen through our moto-gears and you will find a perfect match for you.

Welcome to motorcycling!!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What gear do I need for riding a motorcycle?

You need riding gear specially designed for motorcycling. Helmets, jackets, jeans, boots, and gloves are among the basic riding gear you need.

What should you not wear on a motorcycle?

You must refrain from wearing used helmets, scarves, loose clothing, half helmets, heavy backpack, shorts, and sandals while riding a motorcycle.

Is it OK to wear shorts on a motorcycle?

There is no prohibition from riding a bike in shorts, but it’s not advised to do so. Wearing shorts leaves your legs and feet exposed to burns from bike engines and exhaust pipes. It also exposes them to impact in case of a motorcycle accident.

Are jeans good for motorcycle riding?

Regular jeans are made from cotton fabrics that do not protect from abrasion. Wear motorcycle-specific jeans even for short trips.


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