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Putoline Gear Care Combo


  • Putoline Helmet Sanitizer 500ml
  • Putoline Textile Proof & Protect 500ml

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Putoline Helmet Sanitizer

Helmet Sanitizer is a hygienic, foaming helmet cleaner. The product is quick and easy to use. Cleans and neutralizes unpleasant odours in the helmet lining and leaves a fresh, citrus smell. Helmet Sanitizer is also suitable for cleaning the helmet shell and the visor.

Instructions for use:

  • Hold Helmet Sanitizer upright and spray onto the helmet lining
  • Rub over with a damp cloth
  • Allow to dry in a warm and well-ventilated place

Putoline Textile Proof & Protect

Textile Proof & Protect impregnating spray can be used to make materials like textile dirt- and water resistant like textile. Textile Proof & Protect is a clear colorless liquid.

Read instructions before use.

Application / Instructions for use:
Shake before use. Apply Textile Proof & Protect on a small area/surface in order to see if the material is resistant. Spray in short intervals and periods only. Spraying distance +/- 20-25 cm.
Fabric surfaces shall preferably be sprayed outdoors. Ventilate after use. Allow Textile Proof & Protect to dry before wearing the textile, clothing etc. Use on room temperature. Do not use rubber parts and plastic causes white stains.

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