Rynox Vapour Pro Performance Base Layer – Upper


ntroducing the all-new Vapour Pro Performance Base Layer – Upper.

Motorcycling is an intense sport that’s mostly sweaty, tiring and drains your body.

To help keep you fresh and comfortable through the day, we made this performance base layer; which is perfect not only for motorcycling, but for all outdoor sports.

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Product Details

    • 4 Way Stretch – Get the maximum freedom of movement and durability for your active lifestyle
    • Anti-Microbial – The anti-microbial properties of the Vapour Pro help in destroying/suppressing the growth of microbes and bacteria, and resisting foul odour of sweat
    • Dry Tech Performance – Feel fresh in any condition, reduce the visibility of sweat patches, and better regulate body temperature
    • UV Protection – Protects you from harmful UV rays
    • Composition – The shell is made from 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane, perfect for Indian weather on a motorcycle
    • Made for Motorcycling – The Base Layer is engineered, cut and sized to be worn specifically under a riding jacket
    • Increased Low Light Visibility – Retro-reflective panels
    • Moisture Wicking – Fabric has the ability to pull moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries. This process is what helps keep you cool, even as you sweat
    • Breathable – The fabric is 100% breathable making any physically strenuous activity comfortable.
    • Seamless Knitting – To eliminate chafing caused by friction of seam stitching
    • Long Sleeve With Thumbhole – Keep your sleeves from rolling up. Which helps you stay comfortable during outdoor exercises
  • Wash and Care

    Step 1 – Prep

    • Shake off any surface dirt
    • Flip inside out

    Step 2 – Which Detergent?

    • Use (in order of preference)
    • Purpose-made tech-wash
    • Neutral unscented liquid detergent
    • Woolen liquid detergent
    • Baby shampoo
    • Completely Avoid
    • Any type of granular powder detergent
    • Any type of heavily scented liquid detergent

    Step 3 – Soak

    • Dissolve 1 cap of detergent, in a bucket of lukewarm water.
    • Soak for at least 30 minutes
    • Avoid hot water. Test with your fingers first. If it’s too hot for your fingers, it’s too hot for your gear.
    • While soaking, make sure to fill the inside of the socks with the detergent water, and then leave the Base Layer to soak for 30 minutes

    Step 4 – Wash and Rinse

    • Keep the Base Layer flipped inside out
    • Agitate and scrub gently with your hands
    • Repeat until clean
    • Rinse multiple times until free of detergent
    • Avoid using brushes
    • Flip the Base Layer the right side out and repeat the wash and rinse process

    Step 5 – Let Dry and Store

    • Flip the Base Layer inside out. Hang dry in a cool ventilated shaded area.
    • Once the inside is dry, flip the Base Layer the right side out. Hang dry in a cool ventilated shaded area.
    • Once completely dry, store in a cool, ventilated moisture-free place, away from house-dust
    • Do not wring. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not expose to direct sunlight while drying.
  • Warranty
    • The Vapour Pro Performance Base Layer – Upper has a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase/delivery.
    • To know the warranty policy of Rynox in detail, click here.

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