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Polytron Fuel Conditioner [Additive] | Petrol & Diesel Additive


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What is Polytron Fuel Conditioner?
Polytron Fuel Conditioner is a fuel additive that has compounds that are specifically engineered [“condition”] to improve the performance, quality and efficiency of the fuel used in motor vehicles. The Polytron Fuel Conditioner is compatible with Gasoline [Petrol] and Diesel and can increase the mileage of your car by up to 15%.



How does the Polytron Fuel Conditioner work?

The POLYTRON Gasoline-Diesel Fuel Conditioner (GDFC) as it is technically called, increases the Octane value of the fuel which results in a higher engine compression ratio, no unspent fuel and no carbon residue is left behind in the engine, reducing the exhaust impurities by over 60%. The Polytron Fuel Conditioner is EPA-registered and the most advanced of the “additives” in the market. The Polytron Fuel Conditioner dissolves the carbon deposits and prevents the build-up of carbon. Using the Polytron Fuel Conditioner lubricates the parts of the fuel system and engine that include fuel injectors, ports, combustion chamber, intake valve etc.



What to Expect from the Polytron Fuel Conditioner?

Using the Polytron Fuel Conditioner has several benefits. Better mileage, longer equipment life, clean emissions, enhanced power and torque. The Polytron Fuel Conditioner also increase the life of the fuel in the storage tank. Polytron Fuel Conditioner help start vehicles quicker in cold weather and it neutralizes the poor quality of the fuel. The Polytron Fuel Conditioner also gets rid of water in the fuel tank and lines.


30ml, 50ml, 200ml, 4ltr

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